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NEW Ancient Cedars

Visit the newest jewel in the crown for the Wild Pacific Trail, the Ancient Cedars loop. Discover an old growth forest with massive cedar trees in an ancient rainforest. This trail is a loop off the coastal route which has also been extended 1.5 kilometres further north to Rocky Bluffs, a place that storm watchers will put on their bucket list. Surge channels and reefs will create a show when the waves are towering.
Great care has been taken to preserve the rainforest vegetation so the trail feels like a hobbit tunnel burrowing between viewpoints. If you have been here before it is worth a return visit to see this new section.

Wild Pacific Trail Society Mission:

The Wild Pacific Trail society is dedicated to the promotion, protection and expansion of a scenic network of walking trails that showcases the unique natural and cultural treasures of the Ucluelet peninsula.

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The Wild Pacific Trail is now ranked #1 attraction on Vancouver Island by Trip advisor!

Ancient Cedars Trail expansion is now open - come and check out new views!
Click here to get a printable map.

Trail views

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Photo: Storm watching deck

Trail Description

The Wild Pacific Trail located in the District of Ucluelet is a seven phase trail system skirting the rugged cliffs and shoreline of the westcoast of Vancouver Island. Overlooking Barkley Sound and the Broken Group Islands to the east and the open Pacific Ocean to the south and west, it offers spectacular shoreline panoramas and seaward vistas through ancient cedar and spruce-framed viewing platforms constructed on the best headlands along the route.

The trail is presently divided into 3 sections: Lighthouse loop, Big Beach and Brown's Beach to Ancient Cedars.

Hikers get an up-close-and-personal look at the ocean's fury while viewing from the protection of the trail itself.

Carefully hewn by hand through old-growth thickets of twisted trunks, limbs and roots, the trail is a natural treasure-house of forest treats, including untouched examples of gigantic nurse-logs, raised root systems, mosses, fungi, lichens and ferns - offering the photographer unique opportunities to capture close-up images of nature imitating art.

At all times the views along the ever-changing outer coast afforded by this route are breathtaking - sunset and sunrise are a must see. Storm-watching is a natural on this trail with many breath-taking views 20-30m above surge channels and outer reefs constantly pounded by ocean swells. During the annual gray whale migration (late February to late May), whales can be spotted not more than 5 km offshore of this location as well as sea lions, seals, mink and otter playing in the nearby surf. Click video below to view a one minute peak at the trail.

Phase one lighthouse loopLighthouse Loop
Phase I of the Wild Pacific Trail (2.
6 km) can be walked in a 45 minute loop. The trail is wide enough for 2-3 people to walk side-by-side. Viewpoints and benches are frequent for watching whales, birds or catching the sunset.

Start at the parking lot at the 0 km point, midway on Coast Guard Road. Walk through a short section of mossy rainforest to a trail on your right. This scenic path traces the edge of the coastline past dramatic views of Barkley Sound and Amphitrite Lighthouse. Stay on the coastline trail which will loop back to the parking lot. At the 2km marker you can take a side trip to Terrace Beach Interpretive Trail to see an ancient First Nations harvesting village site.


Please STAY ON THE TRAIL, venturing on the rocks can be deadly.


"You can be sure that if I'm within a thousand miles of Ucluelet. we'll visit again and walk the Wild Pacific Trail".
Hayden - North Carolina

"The trail was spectacular !!  We are a family of 4 from Ontario, and we absolutely enjoyed our 3 day stay at Ucluelet... It was a real treat to see a temperate rain forest, amazing views  and massive trees"
John Gorniak, Ontario

"You have given a gift to everyone whose feet tread along the Wild Pacific Trail - now that's "life on the edge".
Bill McIntyre


What a great idea to have Ucluelet designated as "Home of the Wild Pacific Trial". The trail deserves ALL the recognition it can get, because the trail projects Ucluelet as a must see and do attraction. Way to go!
Pieter Timmermans,
Ucluelet BC



Wild Pacific Trail Big Beach Section

3 to 4 km marker: this section begins at the intersection of Marine and Matterson Road. This area features a pebble and shell beach ideal for picnics on sheltered tables, exploring tidepools or a surf-side wander if the tide is not high. You can rejoin the Wild Pacific Trail via Big Beach Park, through Black Rock resort or along Marine Drive. Pick up a trail brochure or download the map on this page for directions.

Click to view our map brochure

oyster Jim on Artist Loop section of the Wild Pacific Trail

Wild Pacific Trail Brown's Beach & Artist Loop Section to NEW Ancient Cedars

4 to 8 km marker: The parking lot just past Black Rock Resort on Marine Drive is your starting point. Turn right to follow a short section of forested trail near a new road. You will soon reach a wilderness coastal trail. Be sure to walk into viewpoints, they offer the best vistas.

About 1.5 kilometres north be sure to visit the newest section of the trail called ARTIST LOOPS. Explore hand-hewn paths through the twisted branches of storm bent trees. Tiny tree forts called "Painter Perches" offer close inspection of the bonsai-like tree canopy. If you have been here before it is worth a return visit.

At the end of this section the trail has been extended 1.5 kilometre to scenic rocky bluffs and a loop into an old growth rainforst called Ancient Cedars that must not be missed. For the return trip the most scenic route is to keep to the coastline and double back, the view looks very different in reverse! You can also exit at the bike path along the highway, turn right to walk back to town. If you parked at Brown's Beach follow Forbes road to the sports field parking lot. A forest trail leads back to your car. Maps are available at trail heads.

Green space campaign A new fundraising initiative by the Wild Pacific Trail Society hopes to purchase a 13 acre parcel of land zoned for a resort development to expand the adjacent park rich with old growth trees.


Many volunteers and sponsors have given their time and energy into making this trail nothing short of a National Treasure.


Trail Phase 5-7 (planned)

Phases 5 - 7 would extend the trail to Halfmoon Bay, in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

This trail originated through the vision and initiative of Ucluelet's 'Oyster Jim' Martin, and was developed by funds donated to the Wild Pacific Trail Society. The trail will eventually continue northwest 14 km along the outer coast to reach the Long Beach section of Pacific Rim National Park.

Winter waves
Winter storm waves that shake the ground! 
Spectacular- sunrise to sunset
Sunrise from near the lighthouse

Donations: Do you want to be a part of this legacy?
The Wild Pacific Trail Society is a registered non-profit organization.
All monies received by the society are allocated towards trail enhancement, promotion and further trail construction.

To make a Donation to the Wild Pacific Trail
please send cheque to Wild Pacific Trail Society, Box 572, Ucluelet BC V0R 3A0.
A tax receipt will be issued upon request.
E-Mail .

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The following businesses support and promote this special trail.
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Thank you to all our generous funders: the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, the Creek Bed Foundation via Tides Canada, the National Trails Coalition, the Government of B.C., the District of Ucluelet, the Wild Pacific Trail Society and private land owners such as Ocean West. The Wild Pacific Trail began in 1999, with contributions from the Government of Canada, Western Economic Diversification Canada, Community Futures Development Corp., Interfor, and Weyerhaeuser Co. Ltd. Special thanks to the many local businesses and individuals who have generously volunteered time and materials to make this trail a reality. Ongoing support from west coast communities and visitors who enjoy this trail will ensure the completion of this outstanding project. This trail would not be possible without the support of the District of Ucluelet, private land owners, Ucluelet First Nations, Provincial and Federal governments.

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